At Brighton Grammar School we emphasise academic development.The School has achieved strong academic results over many years, and this assures our place as one of the leading schools in Victoria.

Nevertheless, the School caters for boys of widely differing abilities. There is no entry test; each boy is encouraged to achieve to his utmost, be it academic achievement, achievement on the sporting field or achievement in cultural activities. The material on this site is written to assist each boy and his parents choose the course of study most suitable for him.

Above all, boys should choose courses which will be satisfying and enjoyable. Within this framework, boys should be looking for a range of subjects that provide a broad base of skills. Though, for most, the course should prepare for a tertiary course appropriate to interests and ambitions, it should also provide a challenge. For the boy who does not aim to continue into tertiary study, the course should not only challenge and suit his interests and abilities, but it should also be one in which he can achieve success.

The information here should answer most questions, but it is important that boys and parents seek specific advice from appropriate staff members if they have any queries about subject choices or about any of the information presented here.

General subject choice advice can best be obtained from Dr Sophie Keele. Subject specific advice is best obtained from the contacts listed  on this pages (side panel).

The programs of, and teaching at BGS support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to the following principles:

  • Elected government
  • The rule of law
  • Equal rights for all before the law
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech and association
  • The values of openness and tolerance